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How Mark Zuckerberg

1. Confident

This classic advice is very important. Great confidence and positive nature makes Zuckerberg was able to build up from scratch. "Zuckerberg had a tremendous faith, he was able to make his dream come true.


Contrast with the image that looks arrogant in the film The Social Network, Zuckerberg was not so. "He's just someone who is very confident,".

2. Finish your job, do not wait until the perfect
Zuckerberg focus on getting things done without delay or wait until it is perfect. If there is a mistake, he thought it would always be able to fix it later. According to him, the mistake is reasonable.
Zuckerberg has a philosophy about this. Philosophy that reads, "Done is better than perfect".

3. Hold on to your vision, do not be swayed votes oblique
"Zuckerberg used to be in a position where everyone around him said he would fail and what you want to accomplish too high,". Zuckerberg did have big dreams of someday Facebook will be loved by many people.
He was very confident with that vision so that refuse to buy up Yahoo in 2006 with the price of USD 1 billion. His vision proved, now Facebook has 800 million users and its value is predicted to USD 100 billion.

4. Do not live too much
Who would have thought until now, Mark Zuckerberg is still living in a rented house near the headquarters of Facebook. His performance was mediocre. Though the amount of his fortune to $ 17.5 billion.
"He never exaggerated, and in the end he could just give all his money," said Kirkpatrick. Yes, Zuckerberg also known as a philanthropist. He joined my program Giving Pledge to suggest the rich people to donate most of his wealth.

5. Follow the passion, not money
Time to build up, money is not the main goal Zuckerberg. He followed the passion. He was very happy menngoprek Facebook and create new ways to help people connect.
Financial success may be followed if someone is doing something in earnest and excited. "For him it's not about money. If Zuckerberg makes up for the money, he would have sold it several years ago,".


Source: http://revoseek.com/TLLeQ/technology/mark-zuckerbergs-ingredients-success/

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