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How to Solve the Problem

Sepenggal kutipan bagaimana cara memecahkan masalah dikutip dari E&P magazine Nov 2008
what happen if you are solving the wrong problem in the first place? General problem-solving processes consist of four steps:
- Acknowlegding or recognizing the existence of problem;
- Formulating the problem;
- Deriving the solution to the problem; and
- Implementing the solution.

Although all four steps are equally important and interconnected, step 2 - formulating the problem - is emphasized least, most often due to time and resource constraints. Historically, educational systems place excessive emphasis on the third step - deriving the solution - to solve pre-packaged problems. However, when the problem formulation step is widely distributed, at a global scale, you will get a much richer result: a vast poll of problem statements Ian Mitroff, Harold Quinton Distinguished Professor of Business Policy at the University of Southern California, goes so far as to stay that, "We may say that something is problem if and only if there is more than one way of stating it!"

By formulating the problem well, you solve the right problem sufficiently. Why provide a precise solution to the wrong problem when a sufficient solution to the right problem may produce better-than-expected results? This is very importants in environments of extreme change.

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